Melinda Etzold

It is a beautiful thing when your talents and passion intertwine. I am very blessed to be able to create beautiful artwork in my home studio daily. Originally from Bisbee, Arizona, I have always loved the Southwest. There are such unique color blends, and dramatic skies that you can only experience in the heart of the desert. I have been a resident of El Paso, Texas, for over thirty seven years now. I enjoy plain air painting and I create art in many different mediums. From acrylic, to watercolor, to pastels and even German Encaustics I use whatever medium my mood strikes with at the time. I just love creating what my mind see’s with my hands. I am known locally for my Talavera Sun paintings, my use of bright bold colors, and my whimsical take on traditional scenery. Thank you for taking time to appreciate and explore my artspace.